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Introducing Film Reviews, Recipes & More! (2017 Site Relaunch)

Added on by David S. Hooker.

So it's probably apparent to the ten of you who read this blog that I haven't posted much in the past year. Well, that's all about to change in the next few months because I'm going to expand this site to cover more than just my poetry writing. You see, during this time I've taken a bit of a hiatus from poetry to focus on other aspects of writing like literary analysis, film critique as well as develop a huge love of baking & have created some pretty dope recipes for banana bread, pancakes, cookies & other sexy foods. The result is a large pile of dough-encrusted papers sitting on my desk & endless Word docs taking up space on my hard drive, all the while this web space lies barren with the occasional tumbleweed. No more!

I'm introducing four new article series to this site, each with their own specific offerings from film reviews & baking recipes to literary critiques. Essentially, something for everybody! (Yay! *airhorn*) The articles are as follows:

4th Viewing: Twice a month ramblings about my favorite films with the occasional music review thrown in. I'll try to keep the articles interesting & say more than just "it's good."

Because, Reasons: More lengthy (& less frequent) writings about various topics I think are cool. This will be a place to find my revised papers & other dense articles I've written. An academic "niche-quiche," if you will.

Hey Comrade: This is a series of open letters & musings I started years ago. Given recent world events I felt it would be helpful (for me at least) to start writing these again, perhaps monthly. Responses will always be encouraged!

#SexehFoodThyme: Monthly posts of the sexiest recipes in the universe! #hashtag

Hopefully all this sounds as exciting to y'all as it does to me. See y'all in 2017!