Letter from Corpus C. Callosum

Complaint #5012630768439704
RE: You’ll never read this, nor will you respond.

To David S. Hooker
c/o Frontal & Temporal Lopes

Our department has received the complaint you filed to us recently,
stating a “growing distance between yourself and those around you.”
With your permission we reviewed your files and, after careful study,
have noticed this was part of a pattern.
Upon further digging we found other reoccurring notions such as
general feelings of not belonging,
your "invisible hand reaching out for inclusion,"
as well as, more often than not, that your "fate is to be alone forever."

While your complaint states that you have tried to work through this on your own,
as well as talk to close friends and even see a therapist,
it also mentions that “all has proven temporary as the isolation returns.”
At this time, we regretfully have no solid resolution to offer you
but wanted to let you know our best man is working 'round the clock troubleshooting this problem.
In the meantime, we suggest remembering how welcoming a horizon can be
no matter how far away it seems.

Corpus C. Callosum, head of the R&D Department